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My degree from Edge Hill University is in conservation biology. I've guided on numerous birding days out & trips & guided birding holidays to Lesvos, Andalucia, Extremedura, Majorca, Camargue, Hungary, Finland & Florida. I enjoy showing people birds & habitats & helping them learn more about birds & enjoy birding. I'm currently involved with the Birdwatching and Beyond course at Edge Hill and a brand new venture; Skein Birding.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Arundel flood

I suppose that, if for good reason, you build a wetland centre on a flood plain, it shouldn't be a surprise that it occasionally floods! That's certainly the case at the moment. The site has been closed for a few days recently, for visitor safety reasons, and while I was working there today I inspected the site and have to say that closing was a good call. The staff and volunteers are working hard to keep the site running and it looks like the forecast is going to be favourable and this should mean the water level will drop. Fingers crossed! 

The visitor centre came perilously close to flooding. 

The discovery hide has transformed into a wetland. 

Another of the discovery hide. 

A fat bloke in chest waders. 

Mute Swans don't mind a bit of flooding. 

An unusual shot of the Arundel Blue Duck (the only one outside of New Zealand).

Stunning drake Harlequin Duck at Arundel. 

I saw plenty of Water Voles around the site today and it was nice to hear several Cetti's Warblers singing. I'll post some more photos of recent work trips to Arundel when I get a moment...in the meantime back to this pint of Seafarers.


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